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Joshua Payne Trio

Helped director Brent Geisler and regional-Emmy award-winner Jack Allred shoot a live-performance music video for one of my favorite groups The Joshua Payne Trio a couple of days ago in the ally and parking lot behind Fice and Este.  A more Salt Lakey experience you will be hard to come by.   Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Slamdance Awards @ WGA WEST

These jerks.  (photo stolen from the Slamdance Facebook page.)

My writing partner Robbie Bourland and I ventured to Los Angeles this week for the Slamdance Screenplay Award party at the Writer's Guild of America HQ, along with fellow collaborator and Slamdance alum Jack Allred of Riot Entertainment.

Our feature screenplay, For the Living, was selected as a Grand Prize category finalist in the competition. 

The room was delightfully absent of jerks, and full of free food and drink.  The room hushed as they congratulated us for getting so far, and the festival director gave a very rousing speech about the nobility of independent filmmaking and stuff.

Although in the end we didn't win, the nomination and open bar were ample consolation, as well as being in a room with so much talent and passion for the craft (of filmmaking, not the movie about witches.)

Next year, Slamdance.  Next year.  Watch yourself. 

Gnashing Wins Salt Lake City Film Festival

Sweet sweet accolades

Gnashing, the short film Robbie Bourland and I wrote and directed, won Best Short Film at the Salt Lake City Film Festival.  It was the first festival we applied to, so 1 for one baby!  Surely, we shall win every festival for the rest of forever, based on this weekend.

Huge thanks to the cast and crew, and the festival!  The SLCFF folks put on a fantastic weekend of films, events, and parties.  Greatly looking forward to next year.

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